What is Credit Insurance?

Credit insurance gives business owners peace of mind to grow their business whilst removing the risk of non-payment through insolvency. An insurer will provide limits for all customers and if that customer falls into liquidation, the outstanding invoices to that customer are covered through the insurance.

The benefits of taking credit insurance



Ultimately, the policy is there to quickly replace money lost through bad debt.



Improve profitability by safely increasing your exposure to more customers.



We help in securing finance which improves banking relationships and access to finance.



It facilitates expansion with security and allows you to deal confidently with new clients and increase credit lines to existing ones.

Cash flow

Cash Flow

It complements and enhances existing credit control procedures to improve Days Sales Outstanding’s.

What does it cost?

The cost of credit insurance is usually charged as a % of turnover.

The percentage is based upon a forecast when the policy is taken out and then the premium is paid monthly throughout the year.

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How does it work?

Customer health check ➞
Analyse the credit worthiness and financial stability of your customers.
Credit limited calculated ➞
Each customer has a limit which is the maximum amount that will be indemnified if that customer fails to pay.
Business as usual ➞
You trade with your existing customers as you wish, with the risk covered up to the limit.
Trading limit updates ➞
You'll be kept informed of adjustments to limits as they may be raised or reduced when conditions change.
Business building ➞
You check the credit worthiness of potential new customers and receive confirmation of the agreement, or an explanation if your request is declined.
Making a claim ➞
If a customer fails to pay, then you provide full information to be investigated and indemnified for the insured amount if policy terms have been met.

How can we help?

There are lots of factors when considering credit insurance – the two key ones are the limits you get and the premium cost.

Each provider will take a different view on a debtor and for that reason it is important that you shop around to get the best limits possible, at the best price. Some lenders include the cost for credit checking within the premium and others add that to the premium so it is important to know which provider does what to get the best deal! Having access to the whole of the market, we can get you the very best deal out there and save you the time and hassle of searching each provider.

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