How construction finance can help you grow your business

Construction Finance5th July 20170 CommentsLeyton Jeffs
Construction Finance - Sedulo Funding Solutions

If you’re in the Construction Industry and need vehicles, equipment to move materials – items that are essential for the operation of your business, such as forklift trucks, container handlers, access platforms, mobile and tower cranes then this type of finance is the perfect solution for you.

Construction finance aims to help business owners grow, by taking on work they otherwise wouldn’t be able to fund.

What is it?

Construction finance bridges the gap between completed or partially completed work and your customer paying you. It offers a finance facility that funds individual debtors in order for you to support contractors and sub-contractors.

It is something that provides a solution in the following circumstances:

  • You have work or the potential for additional work but do not know how to fund it
  • You’d prefer the expertise of a lender who truly understands construction
  • You require flexibility and don’t want to lock yourself into a conventional invoice financing provider
  • How does construction finance work?

  • You submit your billing to the funder (staged invoices or applications for payment)
  • The funder will release an agreed percentage of the value to you within 24 hours
  • Once your customer pays, you receive the remainder
  • What are the benefits of construction finance?

    There are a number advantages Construction financing provides for the customer, these are:

  • Maintaining cash flow and consistent budgeting
  • Allowing your business to grow much more quickly than it normally would
  • Providing protection against one of your customers not paying through insolvency

  • So, whether you’re a sub-contractor or a large developer, we can help you find the right deal.


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