How do we get the forecast numbers back on track? – Expert budget 2017 view

Industry News23rd November 20170 CommentsLeyton Jeffs

The revised growth and productivity forecasts from yesterday’s Budget are a reminder that businesses are still finding it difficult to prosper in today’s economic climate.

Part of this is due to funding where business owners are still finding it difficult to obtain mainstream funding. Thankfully, there are more alternative funding solutions available than ever before but often business owners are not aware of these or they can take the wrong option.

This is where we can add value, through impartial, no obligation, whole of market funding expertise.

You can read (or download) all of the key tax measure updates and changes which may affect you, your family for free here…

(Download the PDF here.)

If you have any questions about how these updates affect you, please call 0161 236 9077 or email [email protected].

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