£300,000 funding saves Milton Keynes construction jobs

Industry News8th December 20170 CommentsLizzy Doherty

An invoice finance fund raise of £300,000 negotiated by Sedulo Funding Solutions has saved a number of jobs for a nine year old Milton Keynes-based company in the construction sector.

CJ Coatings, who specialise in on-site spraying and coating and count brands such as B&Q, Tesco, Rolls Royce and more amongst their client bank, will be using the funds to provide continuity for the business going forward.

A chunk of the money raised will also be instrumental in the safeguarding of jobs for the local Milton Keynes area, as well as establishing the new business and provide fundamental working capital as they grow.

Leyton Jeffs, partner at Sedulo Group said:

“It is hugely rewarding for us to help out people like Chris. Chris is an entrepreneurial guy who had built up a really successful business largely down to the hard work and determination he has put in over the past nine years.

“They came across tough times last year and I’m really pleased to be able to help facilitate the restructuring of their funding to help save jobs.

“We have also been able to provide the business with ongoing accountancy support to help guide Chris through the next evolution of his business”

Chris Graham, MD at CJ Coatings said:

“I am really excited to move the new business forward having been through a challenging 12 months, which can happen in business.

“In our situation, it was really key to find somebody that understood our business and where we were going and Sedulo did just that.

“The funding that Leyton has negotiated for us will be vital for the business cashflow whilst the ongoing support will help steer us in the right direction in the long term.”

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